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                      The Bio- gas flare

                      The Bio-gas flare fits the “solid waste sanitary landfill technology specification" standard. It creates a beautiful livable environment with clear water and bright sky.
                      Photo Gallery
                      Product Description

                      Technical Feature

                      • Double probe type high-voltage ignition,high reliability
                      • Ultraviolet flame detector and temperature detection double monitoring
                      • Flame arrester
                      • High temperature ceramic fiber insulation layer
                      • The combustion efficiency:99.0%
                      • The natural wind and the forced purge air combination
                      • Stainless steel flare disc and burner
                      • Purge air staging combustion


                      • Methane concentration: 30%-60%
                      • Combustion temperature:500-1200℃
                      • Residence time:> 0.3S
                      • Turn down range:20%-100%
                      • Inlet gas pressure:> 2Kpa
                      • Sound pressure at full load: less than 85dB
                      • No open flame combustion, low heat radiation.

                      Standard Specifications

                      Model Max.Capacity
                      Flange Connection Pressure Size(D*H) Mounting Dimensions Mounting holes Ignition electrodenumber Weight(kg)
                      INTERNAL-300E 300 DN80/PN10 >2KPa ?1000*7000 ?850 8-M30 1 2500
                      INTERNAL-600E 600 DN125/PN10 >2KPa ?1200*7000 ?1050 8-M30 1 2800
                      INTERNAL-1000E 1000 DN150/PN10 >2KPa ?1400*8000 ?1200 8-M30 1 3500
                      INTERNAL-1500E 1500 DN200/PN10 >2KPa ?1600*8000 ?1400 8-M30 1 4800
                      Note: Consult factory for different media can be specific selection

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